New Chapter for OCULT

OCULT dates back to 2016, when the Denmark-based leather goods shop was opened by Sergei. At the time he worked on the project with another business partner, however, the partner soon left the project and Sergei continued working on his brand all by himself. Sergei was designing and creating handcrafted leather bags, wallets, and keychains, perfecting his unique skills, and having little thought about the ways in which such a promising project could be expanded.

A chance encounter

He continued working on his designs and products, until a year later in 2017 he had a chance encounter with Aleksandr. It was when Aleksandr had just purchased a Macbook Pro and was on a lookout for a suitable leather case to accompany it. He wanted something special – something aesthetically pleasing, unique and of great quality, but for a while his search was fruitless. He came across Sergei’s work, and while Sergei certainly didn’t specialize in Macbook cases, one of the geometrical designs which he had created for leather wallets appealed to Aleksandr so much that he convinced Sergei to create a custom-made Macbook case of the same design. 

Original MacBook Sleeve by OCULT

A new beginning

For over four years now the Macbook case has been a cherished companion to Aleksandr, and during this time Sergei and his workshop was always somewhere at the back of his mind. Aleksandr followed the advancement of Sergei’s work and there came a moment when the two met again and decided that together they could secure OCULT brand the international appreciation it deserves. Thus, the new OCULT team was born, and a new chapter for OCULT brand, bringing great ambitions and plans with it, has begun!

What we offer

The new OCULT offers high quality handmade, minimalistic, stylish, and timeless leather goods and accessories within an accessible price range. We create bags, wallets and other daily-use products with signature designs which will stay with you for years to come, because their designs are mature, yet flexible and evolving, discernible, yet simplistic, harmonious, and sober.

Full grain leather MacBook case by OCULT

What we value

Simplicity is our goal and a cornerstone to our designs – we strive to uncover and ensure the perfection of simple styles which will never create visual clutter and get in the way of what matters. We believe that too much detail creates disorder, and the meaning is lost in the noise. Simple and minimal, yet stylish and eye-catching – such is the style of OCULT.

We are passionate about introducing the high quality OCULT products to the people all over the world – and we value fair price. We strongly believe that more and more people should come on board with the “quality over quantity” idea – and that products which are reasonably priced and do not need to be replaced once a new trend comes along, are the future. Not only is the quality of OCULT products outstanding and allows them to be used for years to come, but also the designs are timeless and will never have you appear out of fashion.

Quality of our products goes hand in hand with longevity. OCULT is not in the business of making you buy something over and over again, because it does not last - we create our goods to stay with you for as long as possible.

While all our designs are carefully created in order for them to be elegant, demure and timeless, we also believe that looks are not all there is. Functionality of our products are of great importance to us, therefore we always strive to create pieces that will serve you perfectly in your everyday life and will never have you feel like you are serving them.

The future of OCULT

We are constantly developing and striving to find the perfect balance between meeting the needs of modern people who live fast-paced lives and offering something new – something timeless, exquisite, and unexpected to accompany you on your journey. We are now hard at work to create a collection of high-quality minimalistic leather products, where every detail has been carefully considered and where the Nordic roots of our designs are never forgotten.