The atelier, where the fine leather goods of OCULT are produced, can pride itself in tradition of leather craft that dates back 40 years. OCULT’s pieces are handcrafted in Latvia, and, down to the tiniest detail, are characterized by their endless aspirations for perfection, elegance, simplicity, and timelessness.

It is one man – one master of his craft, who creates, handles, and nurtures each and every object. The creation of each OCULT model is allowed to run its course without rushing or interfering – the creator approaches each of his projects with precision and care and dedicates as much time to each as is required. It takes a great number of individual steps to arrive at a single finished OCULT product. Quality of the products is the cornerstone, the non-negotiable feature of OCULT, thus the items we produce will always remain carefully and slowly handcrafted. Should the demand become greater than the current capacity allows for, OCULT will bring new, aspiring enthusiasts of the craft on the team, where they will be slowly and carefully trained into the fine craft.

    OCULT Store Atelier - Production Process

    It is not just the eyes and hands of the creator of OCULT products that are at work – we use authentic tools, which are carefully sourced and fine-tuned for the creation of our goods. Some of the tools which we use are now impossible to find in the market: they have been purchased at auctions from other crafters in France and the UK (some even dating back to 1860!), such as our awl, brush with natural horsehair, our hammers and knifes. It is important for us to track down and be able to work with these exquisite and authentic tools, because nothing does the job better. It has always been customary for crafters to pass their tools down the generations.

    The majority of OCULT goods are made out of high-quality leather with natural finish and a small part – from the best available waxed canvas fabric. However, the finished product is made to be all the more unique by the small metal details that are part of OCULT’s bags, wallets and other daily-use products. The hardware, such as zippers, are purchased only from reliable manufacturers and are of matching quality to the base materials of our products.

    OCULT offers high quality handmade, minimalistic and timeless leather and canvas goods and accessories. We create bags, wallets and other daily-use products with signature designs which will stay with you for years to come, because our designs are mature, yet flexible and evolving, discernible, yet simplistic and sober, all uniquely designed and hand-crafted.