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Great, thanks

Received today. Happy with my order, thanks.

Great camera strap

The strap is made of very high-quality leather and the overall look and feel of this camera strap is solid!

A very simple and good looking strap

Very happy with my purchase. The delivery was a bit longer than I expected, but customer service was very responsive and friendly. Thanks.

Good product

Nice product. A bit late delivery but good

Key Organizer (Black)
Filippo Dal Re

Key Organizer (Black)

Very cool card wallet

Bought this card holder for my boyfriend who was actively searching for a slim wallet to just a few credit cards. It has arrived in a nice package and the actual card holder looks really minimalistic (without any screaming logos... there is one tiny logo at the back, but I can barely see it, which in my opinion is a wonderful thing). The leather also seems to be nice... can't say how well it will handle the time, but the first impression is definitely a good one.

Slim, functional and beautiful.

Fantastic card holder. It is slim, elegant and well-made. Nothing else to add, really. Highly recommended. Thanks.

Superb quality!

The quality of this card holder is really good. It is soft and the leather feels very premium... The size is just right, fits nicely in my jeans. Overall I am very happy with this purchase.

Slim, minimal and practical 5/5

Beautiful and compact card holder. Exactly what I wanted. Highly recommended.

Very happy with this slim card holder wallet

Stumbled upon this brand on Instagram just when I was searching for the new wallet... Never heard of this brand before, but hey, the website and product photos looked convincing, so I placed an order. The card holder came in literally a couple of days after (has been dispatched the same day as I placed the order). Now, in terms of the actual card holder - it is fantastic... the size, the ergonomics of it, the material, the stitching - everything is great and I am pretty sure that this card holder will withstand the test of time. Also, one of the important factors for me was that the logo of OCULT is hidden away at the back of the card holder and it is super tiny, almost invisible, making the actual product very clean and minimalistic. The only thing I wish OCULT would offer - is the monogram, I saw that some other retailers offer to place initials (monogram) on the front of the wallet/card holder, making it personalised and even more premium. Thanks!

Beautiful product

Beautiful product. Fits very well with my other accessories. Looks stylish and minimal

Wallet for every-day-carry

The last time I have bought a wallet was 5years ago. This time I have decided to go for something hand-made, as it feels more personal and I want to support small producers.
This wallet perfectly fits my needs, as I usually carry cash and three cards on me: ID, credit and Rejsepas. I could fit more in, but for now it is more than enough.
Ordering and delivery was without any issues whatsoever.
I hope THE wallet will last for many years!


I have just received my new Macbook sleeve and it just looks amazing.

Shortly, the fit is perfect. Quality leather and a very decent craftmanship. No excessive details. Do not look and feel “cheap”. These are the aspects that I mostly care about.
My biggest compliments to Ocult’s crew for a very a good customer support,- all was neat and professional.
Would i recommend it to my friends?
Oh yes, no questions!
I will definitely come back to this brand in the future!

Nicely built

Leather seems great and it's very elegant. Would definitely recommend.

Small and useful gift .

Best gift of my wife this year :)
Thank you.

Prodotto veramente ottimo!!

Portafoglio veramente molto comodo e di ottima fattura complimenti!!

5 stars

I'm totally in love with this case! It's so soft and tough at the same time.) And it fits my mac perfectly.
Quality is just excellent! I especially love leather texture. So I put my mac, in this case, all the time, because, it's so nice to touch it. :D
I truly recommend this product! Will try other products too.)

Everything is great, the product, the packaging, the service!

Super happy with the overall experience and the actual product. The product itself is very simple, just the way it looks on the actual website, and to be honest it does not have any real functionality apart from its really great look. I needed something similar for my hallway entry to store my three favorite perfumes.

Quality in details. The delivery could be a bit faster tbh.

What I liked: the quality of the keyring is fantastic. The leather and the metal part look great. What I didn't quite like: The delivery time could be quicker... the keyring arrived 9 days after I have placed my order... the customer support was very quick and friendly, kudos for that.

Really cool accessory

I am very happy with my purchase. The organizer looks gorgeous. Matches my style very well and looks super premium too. Definitely worth every penny I spent on it.

Great Product and Very Friendly Support

I had some doubts about ordering this wallet because I haven't heard of this brand before (saw their AD on Instagram)... but the photos on their website and Instagram profile were quite convincing. Decided to place an order since they offer a 30 days return policy, so I didn't really risk anything... The wallet came a couple of days ago, but I had to pick it up from our Post Office myself, and today I finally did it ;) The wallet itself is great... it is soft to touch, just the right size for my preferences and it fits well everything I need. Overall, I am happy with my new wallet. Considering buying a key organizer to match my new wallet, haha.

An upgrade!

I ordered this cardholder a week ago.
I am not new to Ocult, have been supporting them in the early days. I have their products, that were made 8 years ago and are still functional and beautiful. So decided to go for an upgraded version of this cardholder.
I carry my RFID card in the front pocket, so I can easily access my work building. Very simple and it works just fine.
The other pocket contains my 4 essential cards and some notes. Clearly, more cards could be put in, so it is just a personal preference. I wonder, what patina will this leather develop? I am also confidend this cardholder will last me years as the build quality is just amazing.
Sadly, cannot post a picture here with my old products from Ocult, so everybody can see, how good they look even after many years of heavy use.
Thank you Ocult for a good service, as it has always been.

A practical key organiser.

I was just wasting time on Instagram, then I stumbled on Ocult’s account. From there we connected and I made a purchase (key irganiser).
What can I say?
First of all, ordering and delivery were smooth. My order was shipped immediatelly.
Secondly, product packaging gives a very expensive and professional look. Everything thought to the last detail.
Thirdly, the product itself is looks good. I particularly enjoy leather quality and all the small nuances. It can clearly be seen, that a lot of work went into producing such a small item.
And lastly, would i recommend it? Hell yeah! A nice product to have, that is not only well made, practical, but also serves the purpose and fits well in any pocket. I hope it will only get better with time. Well done, Ocult!

Fantastic wallet. Minimal and compact

Love it. The quality is fantastic and customer support is very friendly and helpful.

Good quality & great customer support

Very happy with the wallet. The leather is soft and smells nice ;) The customer support is great too! Thanks.