OCULT – Part of Your Everyday Carry Essentials

Have you ever heard of EDC? It is an acronym for “everyday carry”, and it refers to the items you consider important enough to carry with you daily. These are usually items which you carry on your person (in your pockets, for instance), but the concept can apply to items you have with you in different situations – in your car or in your office.

Everyday Carry Essentials (EDC) by OCULT. Analog Photo Camera, Key Organizer, Simple Card Holder Wallet and Other Accessories.

EDC has become more than just a way to categorize items which you carry around daily – it’s much like a movement, a philosophy akin to minimalism, which in its own way helps you define yourself in a practical, functional, and style-related way, as well as showcase this “self” to others.

While defining your basic EDC doesn’t strictly make you a minimalist, it’s link to minimalist philosophy are undeniable: whatever you own, be it a frugal or a more generous list, each item has a purpose and an essential use; nothing is left lying around just because you’ve not yet gotten around getting rid of it or it might “become useful someday”.

The list of your everyday carry essentials is where your everyday circumstances and your personality clearly intersect. A lot of times the talk of EDC revolves around outdoors, where “being prepared for every eventuality” is as much a necessity as it is a lifestyle mantra. But it’s not just outdoor lifestyle which promotes the idea of building your own EDC: it’s just as applicable to a fashionable and forward-thinking city-dweller who wishes to be both self-reliant and tasteful in their style choices. 

Everyday Carry Essentials (EDC) by OCULT. Simple Leather Card Holder Wallet, Watch, Leather Keyring, Pocket Knife and Other Accessories.

When it comes to functionality and practical application, there are items which would be hard to replace for many. For example, it is rare that even someone of a more minimalistic inclinations would choose not to carry even a small wallet for cards or a slim card holder. In fact, minimalist card holders are, perhaps, the number one choice for people who want to downsize their often-bulky wallets, the size of which often allows them to become unseemly stuffed with marginally useful bits of plastic and paper.

OCULT’s slim card holder, which fits up to 8 cards, can be a perfect addition to your EDC essentials. It comes in three understated colours – black, brown, and grey, and thus can be subtly combined with various other items of your choice, allowing you to always remain stylish. Likewise, it is slim and compact – it will fit comfortably in the back pocket of your jeans, allowing it to be an effortless and hands-free part of your everyday carry. Carry and use it without having your hands full!

Minimalist Black Card Holder Wallet for Men

As a long-lasting essential OCULT’s slim card holder can even be personalized by adding your initials to it. They’re added using a traditional, hand-debossing technique, ensuring lasting quality and timeless minimalist chic. Thus, your personalized credit card holder will remain essential in every meaning of the word.