Give the product of your choice a personal touch

A memorable gift can go a long way – especially in an era, where things are bought, discarded, and replaced close to weekly. What should you be giving to someone who really matters to you? And what would say to them clearly and unmistakably: “You’re special to me.”? It should be something useful, but not ordinary like a household appliance, and it should be lasting, but also modern and unique. And if it’s something that they would have with them daily, to remind them of you, even better. 

We at OCULT have come with something that really fits the bill – the perfect gift. Here it is - nearly all our products can now be personalized by adding to them the initials of someone you wish to give it as a gift to! The initials are added using a traditional, hand-debossing technique wherein the letters are heated and stamped deeply into the surface of the leather, ensuring lasting quality and timeless minimalist chic. 

slim card holder wallet with personalization - added initials.

The silver initials, which we offer, perfectly suit either of the three colours all OCULT products come in – grey, black and brown (have a quick read - “The three colours of OCULT” tells you all about the benefits of and the philosophy behind choosing from a small, but perfectly refined range).

Whether it’s one of OCULT’s key organizers, a wallet, or the eyewear sleeve – a personalized gift will make the intended impression. You cannot go wrong with the sleek and sophisticated look of the OCULT products – but you can make it that much more special, combining the thoughtfulness and the quality, which characterizes each product we offer, with the personal touch, which only you – the giver of this gift – can add.

Have a look at our product range and get in touch regarding the personalized gift! Let them think about you daily!