The three colours of OCULT

Ever heard of “choice paralysis”? Living in a consumerist culture we’ve been conditioned to believe that the more choice, the better – always. In the mind of a seasoned consumer the idea of “choice” equates to that of “control” – and don’t we always want to have more control, more options from which to choose what we really want?

Which is why they call it the “paradox of choice” – which is what leads of to “choice paralysis”. People love the idea of choice, however, scientific research has proven that given too many options people are much less likely to be able to choose anything at all!

Choosing your colour

Each day we must make countless choices – whether we want it or not. Thus, if we want to avoid “choice paralysis”, we should tackle the ones which are within our control. When it comes to questions like “What should I wear today?”, “Does this item matches that?”, “Do these colours go together?” or “If I own that, do I need an accessory of that colour too?”, the problem is obvious. The decisions we have to make build up, and so does the number of fashion items we own in something like a “just in case” manner.

Instead, we should focus on quality, rather than quantity and borrow a page from Joshua Becker’s book. But rather than reducing our wardrobe to literally one set of items, we can take his advice on reducing the choice of colours from which we must pick on the daily basis. And this is where OCULT comes in. We have created products which are truly minimalist in their nature: they are made of high-quality materials, meaning that the items will last you for years, and the timeless classical cuts mean that you won’t have to replace them when a new “fashion” comes along. But that’s not all.

Zip leather wallets. Stylish and Functional handcrafted zip wallets

Photo by Aleksandrs Karevs.

We have also deliberately limited the range of colours and use only three shades: black, grey, and brown for all our products. These three shades can be easily paired with any outfit – making it both practical and elegant. You will be spared the expense of having to buy countless accessories for each look and, just as importantly, you will be spared the daily struggle and time wasted on trying to colour-code your appearance. Thus, regardless of whether your wardrobe is colourful or monochrome, the small range of simple and perfect shades that we have introduced for all OCULT products, will have one just for you.

What’s minimalism got to do with it?

Minimalism is a social movement, but fashion is one of its main points of focus. It is the idea that we consider our needs, rather than our wants, and that we don’t let advertising or the “seasonality” of fashion (which might as well have 52 seasons per year…) drive us to purchase and replace without careful consideration.

Minimalism is not about old, worn out clothing with holes or only shopping second-hand. It is very often about quality over quantity: about deliberately purchasing a likely more expensive, but better-quality item, which will be timeless both in terms of quality and style. It is the 2015 film: “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things” by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, which brought the basic ideas of modern-day minimalism to many of us, but they are by far not the only ones.

Minimalism is deeply connected to fashion – clothing and accessories, which, whether we want it or not, have dug deeply into the fabric of our society, and which we all to differing degrees must think about on the daily. It was another minimalism author Joshua Becker who in 2017 wrote the popular article “Five Reasons To Wear The Same Thing Every Day” and essentially suggested a solution to both “choice paralysis” and “decision fatigue” – the idea that every option drains us, which is why we can help ourselves by removing at least some of the daily decision-making.

Choosing a grey T-shirt and khaki pants as his “personal uniform” worked for Becker, but we needn’t go that far (if interested in a serious downsizing of your wardrobe, you should probably start by checking out the idea of a capsule wardrobe). However, he has a point. “Downsizing” the choice of colours is a great start of an easier, more relaxed (and still elegant) life! With choice between the three colours of OCULT’s wallets, cases and other accessories will make it easy to coordinate outfit for any occasion, since both the colours and styles are perfect for both casual and smart looks.

Handcrafted key chain loop by OCULT

With the OCULT’s range of colours you will see for yourself – “more to choose from” does not mean “better choice”. We’ve done the tiresome part for you – now just pick one (out of three!) and enjoy!

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