Keep yourself organized with OCULT’s new Key Organizer!

We all know that the devil is in the details – but do we really? Small everyday things, which we sometimes tend to undeservedly disregard, can make all the difference. Not only will the possession of elegant and thoughtfully made everyday use objects make a good first impression on others – it will also make your own life easier and more enjoyable.

Which is why at OCULT we focus on creating daily-use items, which are not only practical and handy, but also simple and elegant, yet noticeable. The latest addition to our product range are our sleek, minimalistic leather key organizers.

Compact Leather Key Organizer on a Table

We believe that key accessories are very much overlooked when it comes to creating an item, which is both useful and stylish – it is too often all about uncomfortable keyrings with Eiffel Tower figurine slapped on the other end… So, we created our leather key organizer which looks and feels great and solves the problems most key accessories just wouldn’t. Here’s how!

No more scratching!

Purses are great, but (especially if you’re a man) so is being able to easily and comfortably keep all your essential daily-use items, such as phone, wallet and keys, in your pockets. The common key organizer keychains tend not to cover the keys, which can, unfortunately lead to other items, especially the screen of your smartphone, being scratched by the keys or even the keychain itself.

The new OCULT key organizer fits up to 4 keys, which are held in place by a polished metal screw, which can be tightened, depending on the number of keys, which you wish to keep in it (although keeping at least 2 keys is recommended to fasten them properly with the secure locking mechanism). And the keys with the mechanism that holds them are neatly packed away inside the smooth leather cover – the leather key holder, which keeps the keys from scratching anything else you’ve placed in your pocket or bag.

This minimalist key organizer is also very compact – it will fit nicely in the pocket of jeans and won’t take up a lot of space at all.

Explore our collection of key organizers:

The minimalistic and compact key organizer on a palm of a hand


It seems that whenever we need to find our keys quickly, they’re spitefully stuck somewhere at the bottom of our bag or the chain has attached itself to something in our pocket. And it is not just the discomfort or untangling the keys from whatever else is nearby, but also the cluttered and rather messy look of it – the look which we’re probably encountering at least several times a day. Small things matter – we at OCULT didn’t want cluttered and tangled objects to shape your daily experiences, so we created the neat leather key organizer, which does away with clutter both physically and visually! This is to prove that key accessories can be stylish and expressive, yet not create clutter and mess in your life in moments when you need it the least!

Elegant leather key organizer for keeping your keys organized

A thoughtful gift to yourself and others

We all know that finding a high quality, personal and affordable gift to a friend, colleague or a loved one is a challenge – and we want the gift to be useful and not create even more clutter in the world! We’ve put a lot of thought and expertise in the process of creating OCULT products, so that they would be both high quality and affordable.

Our keys organizer is no exception – if you are looking for a gift under 20 euros, look no further than the OCULT leather key organizer! It is small, elegant and does its job perfectly – it is not going to be just a token gift, sitting forgotten in its wrapping. It will make a great gift for both man or a woman and you can be sure that it will immediately replace the previous key accessories which the recipient of the gift might have been using until then!

And our leather key organizer is simply a beautiful and elegant accessory with a minimalist design. It is an item which will complement an outfit and the whole look of anyone who values timeless chic and style. And we’re sure that, while gift-shopping, you won’t be able to resist and get one of our minimalist key organizers for yourself too!

Elegant and functional key organizers

In a nutshell

We’re really happy to bring to you all our new leather key organizer, which is made of high-quality full-grain leather from Italy, can fit up to 4 keys and comes in BlackBrown, and Grey. The keys are held in place by a polished metal screw, which can be tightened, depending on the number of keys you’re holding. The leather these keys organizers are made of is very soft, durable, and pleasantly tactile. They are designed and handcrafted in Latvia, and are being shipped worldwide!